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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


well i am definitely feeling good today.
i finished a project, no pictures yet.
and im super comfortable right now. and i am going to go get dinner soon
and ive started eating peanut butter, jelly, and carrot sandwiches like i used to when i was little.
i like it. lol.
so basically those and apples with peanut butter are all i eat.
oh, and noodles.
but thats a given, right?
ive been trying to find ways to not eat unhealthy. because all i did was eat unhealthy.
and its seriously looking like working out is not an option for someone in DAAP. lol. whenever i want to work out, i cant because im swamped. and then the only time im not busy is in the 2 days between projects every week or two and in those two days, i usually just want to sleep and watch movies and do nothing but have fun.

so whatever.
today i saw Lady Gaga's Born This Way video. and everyone keeps saying how disturbing it is or whatever. but i mean...i dont see how its disturbing. just because its a little more artistic than a greased up chick grabbing her boobs the whole time doesnt mean its disturbing. idk. i think shes finally starting to get ahold of her creative outlet and i think thats awesome.
maybe its just me but i think its awesome.

so yeah, i think maybe i want to just do nothing for the rest of the week. i dont even have class thursday, i just am going to an art museum in the morning. so that will be nice.



lil sis said...

You and Bailey and the peanutbutter carrot thing. Sisters for sure. We miss you, I miss you. Can't wait to see some pictures of the projects.
I love you!

Lucas said...

Never tried that one. But your mom used to eat peanut butter and mayo. Never tried that either. Me? I eat peanut butter and laughing cow french onion cheese, yes, together. So it's clear we are all family!