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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i updated my slide show, so check that out.

im exhausted right now. i have so much to do and so little time to do it. i havent been this stressed in a while.

and, heavens to betsy, i have a huge project due tomorrow and my partner and i barely know each other.
and i have no idea if it will be done.

i have a cute adorable little Hedgehog to play with when

im feeling stressed. usually she helps and makes me feel a little more calm.
so maybe i will pay her a visit. shes probably sleeping but thats okay. =]

so basically i just want this week of classes to shut up.
i want to look this week of classes in the face
and be like......

okay, now i can continue blogging. after the full 4 minutes of laughing i just had. lol. it was great.
anyways, that really is how i feel. aaron has been really helpful but it almost stresses me out more because im so used to being independant.

and then theres the whole "what am i doing next year?" question. hahahaha who knows. i probably will end up being a garbage man. maybe i can draw pictures on peoples trash cans and they'll be like "hey she should have gone to art school.". and i will be like "i did, look where im at now! WINNING!!!!"

so pray for me, if you want.
i would appreciate it.


1 comment:

lil sis said...

I will and I love you and am sooooo glad you have Ruby, Aaron and that creepy little cock-eyed girl! Can't wait for Nashville!