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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im in a good mood today.

the only thing
is that my hair goes flat when i straighten it.
but oh well.

i feel like this necklace is so cute. i love it. i think i found it on etsy but idk.
i kinda wish it was a locket though. i want a really beautiful locket. i have one from my parents and its my baby locket. but i want a big girl locket, maybe. hmmm.

so basically i feel a lot better than i did with my last post. im really excited to get an apartment with trinity next year and i think everything will work out with my schooling and im progressing on these stupid projects.
and did i say that im going to Tennessee this weekend to meet the lil baby? =]
its going to be amazing. im so excited.
aaron says hes going to teach him to call his juice Grape Drank. but thats racist, i think. hahahahah.

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