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Saturday, June 18, 2011

mmmmm much better.

okay soooo...
i feel so much better. i slept for 12 hours last night
i ate an entire carton of iced cream.
i watched movies
and journalled
i even wrote in bryans journal a little bit.
and i did something i've wanted to do for a long bit. =]
i like it a lot, actually. and im sure some people wont. but they can just suck it because i do.

next is my tattoo, which i keep trying to get mom to take me to get.

but i really miss aaron and bryan. like a lot.
and i miss zach and sam too, but not as much because whenever i see them i feel like i never left them hahaha. probably i will make sure we do something stupid soon. but actually, sam and i are going to cincinnati on thursday. =] so that will be excellent.

im sorry ive been so on edge and bitchy lately. i dont mean to be but i think probably after a year of doing what i want and not really being responsible for anyone else, its really tough to place myself back into this environment. and also, ive just had a lot of responsibility placed on me. ive driven over 25 hours this week. not a joke and NOT an exaggeration. and driving stresses me out a lot in general.
so.....sawrry. =]


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