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Friday, June 17, 2011

yeah so basically...

i'm in this place where i feel like i don't care a whole lot about anything.
so i guess probably what i'm going to do is just do what i want
because it's no skin off my back if you don't like it.

bailey and i are in nashville and i was excited to be coming but now that i am here, i just dont know what i want. im not really in the mood for this and i'm still irritable from this past week. i can't handle the stress of all of that, it was horrible. and everyone seems to think this is some sort of damn life lesson for me or something and i'm like

dude, back the hell off. you have no idea what i've been having to do with the resources i've been given. i'm only nineteen. so if you have something to say about it, just don't because i don't give two shits.

or you, for that matter.

and to top it off, i'm lacking bryan. not that we were getting along terribly well yesterday anyways.
and aaron is too busy working and doing whatever to really be of any substantial help.
so great.

i'm going back to cincinnati. lol.


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Lucas said...

Backing off. Check.