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Friday, November 4, 2011

i feel drained

i've had  a really rough go of it lately. but i feel happy about the way i have handled things.
i took the high road when i really, really didnt want to.
i let little things slide in a situation where i was really eager to hold on to them forever.
i told elyse how i feel and i honestly think i let go.
oh, and i had a much needed conversation that brought aaron and i a little closer.

and then last night, i watched Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist and ate macaroni and cheese pizza with aaron =]. that was fantastic. and today im working on a few projects that should make this household a little better. im making a lamp and kind of redecorating, plus trinity and i are going to go shopping for a new bath rug and some other essentials that we no longer have. but for the most part, we are a fully functional household that now feels less tense and a little freer. even alex said it feels better in here.

so i feel really good about it. im going to officially move on with my life and be happy. well, i hope. i can't really control everything so i dont KNOW that i will be happy. but i have a pretty good feeling.

i was sick all last week so i forgot that mom made me puppy chow and i stashed it in my room. so last night i was trying to find this big pretty skirt that im making into a lampshade, and i stumbled across two huge bags of delicious chocolatey goodness and trinity and aaron and i had a celebratory feast. haha.

i may not always get along with people, but i am not a bad person. i am not unhealthy to live with, and people like me. i am a good friend to the people who put the time and effort into being in my life and i try my best every day for them. i have grown up so much and people are even telling me that they are impressed with the type of character ive shown and the way i handle things now as compared to how i used to. i can feel myself growing into an adult, and even if i am not quite there yet, i am well on my way. i dont feel like i need to prove that to the people who aren't worth my time or effort. from now on, my energy goes into the ones who deserve it.

so theres that, thats my story. this weekend i am going to spend my time catching up on school work, finding a job, playing with kittens, and fixing up things to go in my house. i feel good about that.


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lil sis said...

sigh... progress. Love you sweetie. Now kick this sickness!