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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i think that someone in charge has lost the soul point of education and decided a dictatorship sounded lovely. ipods were banned from school this week. even in classes like art or shop or study hall. the teachers were told to "treat them like phones" (taken away on sight. even if it falls out of your pocket and its off and you arent using it. you can guess how i feel about that). and we aren't allowed to have people visit us for lunch, and if they do we have to go eat in the guidance councellers office and they cant bring us fast food or we have to throw it away. also, unless we are helpers for a classroom...we arent allowed to walk through the halls of the middle school. im not even going to make my argument about these things, because it would turn into a rant and i would be vexed and it would probably ruin my night. but i am seriously considering physically traumatizing someone. ridiculousness. its the first night of thanksgiving break and things have already managed to punch my day directly in the kidneys.
i guess i just dont understand why all the rules are necessary. just because one idiot abuses a priviledge or a few people break a rule doesnt mean that more rules are what we need. school shouldnt be so restricting. like in art or shop...its proven that music inspires some people much more than without it. a lot of times, theres a bigger chance that they will be inspired or artistically creative with music, and their choice of music. so why shouldnt ipods be allowed? its hurting NO ONE. and who cares if someone has their older sister eat with them at lunch? its not going to cause an uproar. no ones going to be lynched. i can PROMISE that nothing will burst into flames because someone has a lunch guest. why the heck would anyone want to eat with our guidance counceller? hes a creepo. and it would be super awkward. ugh. i guess i ended up ranting. but if people go on learning, then why are those rules necessary? they arent. appearances, maybe. shallow.
in other news. tonight im going to the store to pick up some stuff for aarons birthday present. i would tell you what it is but he may actually read this. poor thing, hes not feeling well today. or yesterday either. =\. i hope he doesnt get real sick. it would be awful to be sick over thanksgiving AND your birthday. even if he is, i'll make it good for him. =] im makin him a cheesecake and then i got him a present and we're going out to eat at Japan West on friday with his family, which is his favorite restaraunt. so yeah. i think it'll be good. and its his 21st so hes partyin with his friend joel saturday night haha. i said as long as its not taking up my time with him, i dont care what he does as long as someone drives them. i think his brothers gonna chauffer so thats good. crazy kids.
i just wanna stay home and lay on the couch with ramen noodles and riceroni for the rest of my life but i dont think i can do that. it would be nice to.

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