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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Holidays

Happy....general everyone. or whatever. =] i hope you all had a grand christmas...or whatever you happened to do. i know i did, and still am. haha. i got an Xbox 360! =] isnt that exciting. i didnt get any big girl games but lucas got a Lego Batman game that i find myself getting extremely addicted to. seriously, i cant quit. poor lucas just sits and watches me play haha. if he didnt seem to enjoy it, i'd feel worse. but im having a nice break from school. i still have the rest of this week off. which im dreading the end of...not so much because i have to go back to school but because Aaron has to. its been so nice to see him every not very pleased with the end of that. but i guess its the price i have to pay for not settling for one of my countrymen. hahaha. by the way...i hope you appreciate this picture as much as i did hahahahahahahahahahahah.

Elyse comes back from kansas tonight! i've missed her. its not even fun to be on break but have no best friend to do everything with. granted, i have aaron. but all he does is sleep, caugh, and tickle me. =] only kidding...hes WAY more annoying than that. KIDDING...again. but im excited to have her come home. our movie nights are starting to look pretty fun after not having one for so long. although maybe thats a good thing because i've noticed that food is always a large part of whatever we decide to do and it cant be healthy =]. and yet i smile. who cares, i guess.
on to the good stuff. New Years Eve is tomorrow. every year i make the same new years resolution.... that im going to start working out and get my butt into shape. EVERY year. well NO MORE. im sick of it. it never happens....ever. ever ever ever. i guess im not one of those people who take resolutions seriously. but i guess thats not really much of a shock because im not one of those people who takes ANYTHING seriously, really. which...used to depress me. self motivation (also...self dicipline) is a cherished charicteristic....that i dont have. however, i've decided that i do not care even one little tiny bit about it any more. i think im happy with how i am. im sick of being unhappy about it, when theres not even anything to be unhappy about. i guess i decided i need to get over it because im in a very happy relationship with a guy who adores me for who i am (burping...sweatpants...weirdness and all), i have a beautiful best friend who gets me and is exactly like me and who i have TONS of fun with, and theres really no point in wasting my prime being upset with who i am. so whatever. it only took me like four years to figure that out...woopy. haha. well i guess better late than never.
New Years Resolution #1: Love Myself
i think thats a pretty good one. i'll think up some others later.
well. im off to play some good ol' video games like i should be at midnight =]


Lucas said...

Self acceptance is key to your own happiness. I was like you for SO LONG, wanting to be healthier, to work out more, eat better, feel better about myself and I spent way more than just my prime, I spent about 12 years trying and failing. Each time I failed, I tried to get to that place where I was happy with myself anyway, despite being out of shape but I never accomplished it. Utlimately, you have to do what makes you happy but for me, I never felt truly good about myself until I kicked my own ass into gear. I have felt the deep suck of the couch, the chips, the video games, believe me! I lived it for so many years. It wasn't until I slowly started becomming more active that the pull of those things started to lessen. Now, I get bored watching TV, I can't wait to get to the gym, to sweat out my frustration, to run off any aggrivation and to truly prove to myself that I can be more & I can do more. Don't get me wrong, I still loves me a big bag of chips, but I would have given anything to have started my journey towards health and wellness at an earlier age. I wouldn't have wasted so much of my 20's and 30s feeling badly about myself. I would have spent so many more days out in the world instead of on the couch. If you are truly happy with the way you are then the world is your oyster, get out there and live an amazing life. But if you feel really truly in your heart that you want to be healthier, the only person that can make it happen is you. And as much as you might think you can't do it, I promise you, YOU CAN! It's hard and it's scary and it's hard work but you absolutely CAN do it! I have had tons of support and help throughout my journey and I would love to be there for you no matter what. No matter what you choose or how you live your life I will forever love you fiercely and will do everything I can to encourage and support you. You know where I am if you need me and always, always remember how much I love you!!

Max's Dream said...

Hi Niece - 1. I read Lucas' comment and she does make some sense, but you have to love yourself first. Don't have doubts in yourself because you are in control of your destiny. In high school it must seem like you don't have many choices or have much control. Someone else is always telling you what to do and when to do it. But your time will come when you make your own decisions and that is the time where you take control of your own life. You will become what you want to be if you believe you can. Lucas was absolutely right. You can do what ever you want and become who you want. You are a smart, healthy, and motivated woman. Your own future is yours to control.


Beyond The Strip said...

Happy Holidays Miss Daisy, I think the Lucas match up is a little unfair. How do you pair up against Aaron on XBox360?

Amber said...

We have the same new year's resolutions! all the best in 2009!