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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remember, Remember The......15th of November...

i've been noticing a serious decline in Saturday Morning Cartoons. most people would say that the good ones were before my time, but thats not entirely true. i used to indian-style it on the cartpet with the best of them. its depressing, really.

this morning, i'll head out to the grocery store to pick up the most sugar packed box of chocolatey/fudgy/cookiey poptarts i can find and then snarf them down at aarons on his couch. i figured by the time i got back, i would be too large to fit in this small space under the computer desk so i would just blog a little now. =]

Aaron and i watched Phantom Of The Opera last night, and it still reigns as my favorite musical. i dont even think that the term Musical fits it properly, its just beautiful. i've never seen the broadway performance, though i am desperately trying to via birthday, christmas, or just plain ol' ticketmaster. but i will someday. the movie is just good because of the actors/actresses. they are all perfectly casted and bravo to whoever chose them! most of you probably do not know this...but the phantom is played handsomly by Leonitus from the movie 300. seen it? yeah....that buffed up spartan sings like an animal. hes just amazing. one of my favorite guy voices...probably in the world. its amazing that he is so versatile. so thats that...i cry every time, and i DO sing along.

anyhoo. my college options recently changed dramatically from chicago to St. Louis. (and no, i dont have actual colleges in mind, im only a junior. juniors think of cities, seniors become more precise) but i realized that i loved the city, it was beautiful, had tons of little shops, good weather. me thinks it would suit very nicely. and in similar news, psychology is out. its too much schooling for someone who will probably end up changing her career every six years. i dont want to feel chained down by a lot of money put into training and such. i may want to own my own business. and by business, i mean cute jewelry or bakers shop. we'll see. ive got a lot of radical ambition, and of that i am perfectly aware so dont laugh at me. =]


Max's Dream said...

Phantom was the very first Broadway musical I ever saw, and I got to see in NYC. I was on a business trip and Max and I went early, staying at Bill's apartment in Jersey. Seeing it in a Broadway theatre was about the best way to do it. The theatre was small and our seats were fantastic. It is still my most favorite musical. I think second is les miserables, also seen in NYC with Max. If you haven't seen it, put it on your list too.

Lucas said...

You come from a long line of women who change their careers every 5 or 6 years. Momo and I both have done lots of different things. The degree is the important thing to have, even if you end up working in a different area. As long as you have that college diploma, you will have options. Don't worry about getting locked into something. And don't worry about your major. Just get to school, take your general ed. classes and see what inspires you. Try all kinds of classes and you'll find some direction from there. Tons of love!

Maxanna said...

I love the Phantom- I've seen several musicals- but none move me the way the the Phantom does- and I still get goosebumps every time I hear "Think of Me"- makes me want to cry all over again. And my favorite time was in NYC- with Don- on Broadway- So do put that on your list of MUST DOS.
And St. Louis sounds like a great location- far away- but not to far away- and an interesting old city-
Keep on dreaming! Aunt Max