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Friday, January 9, 2009

lately and presently....

*sigh*. after-christmas blues.
when february rolls around
i'll roll my eyes
turn a cold shoulder to these
even colder times
And by the fire my heart it heaves a sigh
For the green grass waiting on the other side
cause its always winter
and never christmas
it seems this curse just
cant be lifted
yet in the midst of all the ice and snow
our hearts stay warm
cause they are filled with hope

well. yeah. after christmas, winter is just...empty coldness, it feels like. i love cold weather. but i love it when theres a grand finale. one better than just the gradual shift to rain and mud. a finale but it seems mother nature slept in this year and decided to make it cold and snowy AFTER the greatest part of winter. double ugh.

oh well. snowmen and we come. i'll probably go sledding once, like every other year. i love it...for one time. more than that is totally unnecessary =]. but there will be a surplus of hot chocolate, movie nights, snowmen, snowballs, and evening walks through bluffton. its so pretty in my little lit-up town, in the corner of nowhere. it feels like god cups his hands around our sheltered little town. good in some ways....bad in others.

BAD way....
1. we had our first rehearsal for Grease yesterday. no, i did not get Rizzo. it broke my ever-hoping heart, but i got Jan. the fat dorky girl. good. great. but oh well. i'll live. our first rehearsal cant really be called that, because it was only a read-through. we had to go through the scripts and, with a pen, change the entire thing to the "school version" of the play....hmm...which...i was a little disappointed about. i mean, i didnt expect us to do the original version. i mean, seriously. "you know that i aint braggin, its a real pussy wagon" isnt really the type of thing you can sing in a school musical. even if it is a famous song like Greased Lightening. so we did that...but i think they got a little ink crazy. and by that i mean i am morbidly upset with the entire changing of the script. they gutted it. not just little lines and pieces that were gross...they literally changed everything. rizzo never gets pregnant. marty never flirts with Vince Vontain. rizzo doesnt sing Im Sandra Dee to the girls. its just...ridiculous. theres no plot anymore. its literally just a 50's-60's themed play because it sure as heck isnt grease anymore. every character is ten times lamer. and all of my famous lines are completely cut. i do not want to do this anymore. at all. and neither does about half the cast of it. i guess thats what we get for living in a small mennonite town, becuase i guarantee that there wouldnt have been nearly as much cut from the script if it was done at another school. one of my friends was in a musical at another school and in the play, her boyfriend beat her. lol. so this is just ridiculous. lame. so lame.

so basically mennonites suck. whatever they are, i am not one. they dont really suck...just...that we cant keep the script does. i mean, come on. its life. kids drink. about half the basketball team was benched last year for gettin caught underage. people get pregnant when they arent married. we had like 5 seniors pregnant last year. so my question is...

whats the beef?

well. whatever it is, i do not want anyone to know i support this kind of scriptocide.

in other news: my creative consciousness just hung itself from the rafters.



The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

I love your writing-you have such an incredible talent. Sorry about the play-break a leg!

Beyond The Strip said...

Congrats on Rizzo! Sorry they gutted the script...hopefully the experience won't totally suck.

Beyond The Strip said...

Sorry, I meant Jan, I did read the blog!

Max's Dream said...

Ah, walks in the winter down the main street of a small town is what stories are made of. It is home and will someday be looked back upon as the best days of life. Winter has just begun, but the days are getting longer and the prospects for snow are better in the next two months than before. So embrace the season and celebrate it, for next comes Spring and without this winter Spring would just be another day.

And now I hope you make Jan the best Jan that anyone has done regardless of the text of the play. Be Jan and you will be the success of the play. UD

Lucas said...

Two things. First, college awaits! High school is hard and restrictive and confining but the freedom you seek can be found at college! Hang in there cookie.
Second, I agree with UD. Be the best Jan you can be and you'll end up stealing the show! Now remind me, is Jan the one with the toothpaste commercial? Brusha brusha brusha! Because that's the best bit ever! :) Oh and finally (I lied before, just THREE things) GREASE IS THE WORD!

Amber said...

I love the blog (you are a great writer). I did a lot of theatre in high school which was filled with lots of disappointment and tears-ask UD (we never got to do anything as cool as "grease") but in the end I was always proud that I contributed and was involved. And the last thing you probably want to hear from a cuz is, put on a happy face and smile, smile, smile because I'm sure you'll rock the show.

Liz said...

I have to agree with you on winter. I am not a big fan of cold and snow. Today, the thermometer in the car said it was 8 degrees out. Unfortunately, Mike would let me hibernate.
High school is all about how to censor everything that is fun. I'll bet you will be the best Jan ever, even with the terrible changes.

Maxanna said...

First- Shelby- I love your blog- I always read it more than once. Thanks for taking the time and trouble.
And I want to see YOU- in what ever role you play- so send me the dates and maybe UD and I can get up that way. You have so much talent it takes my breathe away.
Love you! Aunt Max
PS I don't think anyone really likes high school- fortunately life gets better after that- and high school does give you at least some of the skills you'll need forever.. Though I can't think of any right now- I'm sure I learned something for all that angst!