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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick of this month.

Sick of school, sick of work, sick of play practice, sick of not seeing aaron, sick of homework, and just plain sick. literally. i've been out of school for three days and sick all the weekend. ugh.
the funny thing is that i love february normally. the weather is clearing up right now though and i hate this inbetween period where the weather cant really make up its mind and it may get cold again, but for now its warm and really ugly and wet with black snow-slush on the sides of all the roads. its so ugly everywhere, i cannot stand it.
BUT good news everyone, its Valentines Day on saturday =]. i love it! my mum makes me heart-shaped toast with red sprinkles and everything that day is pink and heart shaped. we're big on holidays at my house. =] and why not be!? plus....don and max are coming =]. it should be a great weekend.
and more good news....Aarons coming home this weekend. i miss him a ton. it really is hard doing a long distance relationship. and when i think about really isnt that much distance. i dont have a lot to complain about compared to some people. but...its so hard not to see him. even if he is a creeeeeeeeeeeep =] like the picture? its one of my favorites of him haha. hes so silly. i got him a valentines day present....its hilarious. but he reads this, so once again, i cant say what it is. ALSO im taking him out to dinner. that'll be fun. i think we're going to Bob Evans. now, i know what your thinking: Crimony, thats real romantic. i know, i know. its not really the hot spot of valentines day. its actually pretty much the old people capital of the world. but they have great pie! and we're comfortable with each other, so we dont need to do real fancy stuff. im just happy to have him home again! i dont want him to ever leave, but that cant happen. im selfish with him.

well. thursday and friday, i was terribly sick. which was an inconvenience because thursday was lucas's birthday. i only had a lil sliver of cake cause i didnt wanna recolor the carpets, and i didnt get to go to Lukes Bar/Grill with them for dinner. but i sang happy birthday and opened presents with them. i looked gross, but i did. i made him a fleece tie blanket that was orange on one side and had the Browns team stuff on the other side. it was pretty cute and he loved it =]. actually HE was pretty cute....

hehe. awwwww. so the little party was fun. grama came and the cake was delicious and he loved his presents and had a happy birthday. unfortunately, as lucas continues to get cuter.....

bailey and darby seem to be heading down the opposite direction. lol. look how gross they are sometimes. but no, they're cute sometimes. and.....

as always, im a princess. haha. just kidding. hair is blue! yeah. you can kind of see it. it mostly made all my hair blackish/blue, and the white tips are now bright blue. i didnt like it at all at first. but now...its not AS bad. i even kind of like it sometimes. i think i am ready for my hair to be normal again, though. even though its only been blue for a little over a week. Elyse did her hair purple, but only the underneith part of it. its REALLY pretty on her. her hair is real blonde, so the dark purple under it sticks out nicely and it looks good. i think purple is a good color for everyone though because it looked good on Momo, it looked good on me last summer and now its lookin good on elyse. blue is poop. =]
oh. and something else interesting happened. we've had a malfunction in the Father department. he slipped on the ice and has been hobbling for days. he first believed that he had blown out both his knees. now he thinks he only sprained the right one, because its still swollen and still hurts. when it happened, he slipped and he swears that he did the splits at his knees and that his shins went in opposite directions. he says the insides of both ankles were touching the ground. i didnt see it happen, but i did see him crawl inside the house and lay on the floor for like an hour. poor kid. i think he'll be ok now, but he had to stay home from lucas's Build-A-Bear party in Ft. Wayne, as did i. we were a sad pair, moping and shuffling around the house all day. i was sick and he was a cripple. we played xbox and watched movies and i ate so much soup it was practically coming out of my nose, though. so it was ok. we missed the festivities, but not the fun! lol gross. yeah, we missed the fun.
well. be careful, kids. dont slip on ice or get sick. neither are fun and you WILL miss build-a-bear parties.


Beyond The Strip said...

Sorry to hear you're sick and that your dad slipped on the ice. I'm sure you both will make a full recovery soon!

Liz said...

I like the blue on you. I've always wanted purple hair. Sadly, though, I can't go purple right now.
I hope that you get to feeling better. Also, tell your dad I hope his knee gets to feeling better.
Also, Bob Evans can be romantic. Trust me, one year when we were dating we went to Cracker Barrel for our anniversary. It's only as romantic as you think it is. I hope you have a great time.

Lucas said...

I loved the pictures. Thanks Shelbaroo! I miss seeing all your faces. Hope you feel better soon and that Patsy's up and around again too. TONS of love. AAR

Maxanna said...

I can't wait to see my favorite nieces and nephews (Aunt Max loves her nieces too pieces- and Lucas too). And you are so funny- and I love to read everything you write. And I hope you are feeling better- and I'm so glad maybe your dad is better- and it just reinforces why I HATE ICE. And we'll have more cold- but we know in February that spring will come- and maybe even a crocus or two will pop their head.
Love you! Aunt Max