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Monday, April 6, 2009

Back in Black

yes, i know. its been a while. ive been so busy, though! sooo so busy. heres some things going on:

1. moms birthday was yesterday, AND her race. she did well and had a good birthday.

2. I prepared for and took the ACT last saturday. it was exciting, but also long and stressful. i think i did well. my goal is a 30, so we'll seeeeeeee.

3. Grease is progressing. only two weeks left until the Performance! less than that, actually. dang, its getting close. im excited, but also its going to be nice not to have to go to practice every night lol. hopefully, whoever can make it will come. it should be decent. i hope.

4. im painting the set. all the detailed work im doing by myself, unless i can get elyse to help. but im in charge of the painting of EVERYTHING. its stressful, but i guess i probably wouldnt trust anyone else doing it.

5. tons.....TONS of art projects. so many. all over the place.

6. aaron and i have gotten into this new thing....idk. its kind of like a culture? like...a genre or a lifestyle or idk. its called steampunk and its neat. its like steam powered machinery and the 1800's mixed with modern things and idk. its odd. but its really cool and i love the jewelry that comes out of the fan base. so thats neat. we'll see how it goes.

so yeah. i can t reallly think of much else. bailey went to a

dance last week. she looked pretty=]------------------->

and she was so tired when she got was crazy. its like she left looking so beautiful and i curled her hair for her and mom let her wear makeup and she got a new dress and stuff. and she must've really danced the night away because this is what she looked like when she got home....

yeah. i dont know what happened.

lol im just kidding, you guys. thats some kind of nasty monkey that i found online. its so creepy.

so yeah. anyways. on saturday, for cast bonding, i believe, the Pink Ladies of grease went on a girls night. we went to the drive in (and froze our butts off, but it was real fun) and had a ton of fun. it was great. im not even normally close to those girls but it was great. we saw Fired Up, which was actually pretty good, and Mall Cop, which was funny lol. we ate junk food and goofed off and it was just good. sunday, like i said, was moms birthday and i didnt get her a present....i know what your a bad daughter. but...i didnt get her a present because i MADE HER

ONE......weeeeeeehooooo. lol. i made her a big

square dish with a bowl in it for chips and dip when people come over. wanna see? yeah you do...----------------------------------->>>>

i like it. =] its got designs all over it and stuff. i made it out of clay.

oh...also! for the first time every, i gave blood. it was fun! i was so excited. it barely hurt and it was weird but i didnt get faint or pass out or lose any color like other people did. i guess im just cool like that, right? a champ. =]
well. =]


Liz said...

Steampunk is an awesome thing. This convention Mike and I went to had a Steampunk themed Dance. The costumes were so cool!

Max's Dream said...

Gave blood! I'm impressed, it's a good thing to do. Mary's husband, Kevin is now working at a blood center. He's the guy that puts the needle in and takes the blood out.

Lucas said...

SO much to comment on. First, hooray for a new post! I missed you. Secondly, GREAT platter and bowl. I had a birthday in Feb. Ahem...where's mine? Really, it's gorgeous, you are one talented monkey! Third, pretty Beetle! Thanks for the pic. Fourth, never heard of steampunk before. Something new to look into. Pics of the jewelry please. And fifth, is there a 5th? Yes! Blood donation! Awesome! Great habit to get into. There is ALWAYS a need for blood. I flunk the iron test quite frequently but still try to donate when I can. Keep up the good work. Sixth, wish I could come and see your play. Will there be a DVD of it for sale afterward? If so I want one so I see all your talentedness in action. And finally (I saved the best for last) I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Even if you are a teenager!

Beyond The Strip said...

Cool looking present you made your Mom for her bday! Poor Bailey, that must have been some dance!