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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i hate this site sometimes. i just wrote a whole page worth of stuff and i was complaining about how last time i was on here, it deleted itself and it just happened AGAIN. so now im doubly frustrated and fighting with elyse so im about to eat one of the multiple children running around my house *fumes and breathes heavily like the hulk*

ok. lol. time to take my mind off it. a new job. a place called TechSolve. its in cincinnati. he really seems to like it so far, but then again it is only the second day so there is still plenty of time for massive pain and suffering. we'll see. im disappointed that hes back in cincinnati for the rest of the summer, but i guess it cant be helped. he needs the job and the job needs him. he says he'll come home every weekend though cause he feels bad about leaving in the middle of his summer. we'll see.

so yeah. sigh. all i want to do right now is magazine shop and go to concerts. but apparently its time i grow up because i have a very limited amount of time left before i have to apply to a college. or multiple colleges. and i have to get all the visiting done and stuff. and what if the perfect college for me is out there and i just dont know about it? what if i go to some stupid college that i think is OK but is actually just a mediocre version of an AWESOME one that could've given me so many more opportunities. and while im thinking about all this, bailey is upstairs putting on makeup cause she thinks mom wont notice, blaring music, and trying on different outfits for her busy day at the pool. i remember that age. and i was never that carefree. why is it that she grows up the flirt, rulebreaker, and party child when i was the mellow, honest, but totally distastful of everything child. why do i get to be so worried about my future when she is so ignorant to everything? life. sigh.

anyways, i guess it'll all be ok. aarons here to help, even if elyse isnt. and hes been through it all semi recently so he knows. which is nice. ALSO...he has a hedgehog named Ruby. so......thats helpful. keep that in mind. lol.
well. i guess thats all that has really been going on my way. i made some bracelets for momo, marty, mary, and boopie. they all match. i like them, i hope they do.
well anyways. thats all for now. i have work soon and i want to look semi decent today. lol.


Lucas said...


Lots of times I compose in word and when I'm done writing, I copy and paste into Blogger. Fixes that whole "The Blog Ate My Homework" thing!

As for the colleges, your homework, do your research, make lists of pros and cons, but RELAX! College is about your experience and the people you meet, the information that gets stuffed in your head and the growing you do while there. Those things will happen on almost every campus. When you find the right college, it will just FEEL right. Go check out the campuses and get an idea of the vibe of the place if it makes you feel better but no matter where you end up, college is going to be awesome!

And I loved your description of Beet verses you. Having you guys grow up so very far away from me, I miss so very much and I loved hearing your perspective on how very different you and your sis are. Me and my sis's are very different too, but those gaps become more narrow as you age.

Love you TONS!!!!

Liz said...

I agree with Lucas, you will just know when you set foot on the school that is right for you. I knew right away I wanted to go to NKU.

It was awesome seeing you this weekend!

Maxanna said...

I loved reading your blog- insightful- creative- captivating- So thanks- I'm so glad you are in my life! Aunt Max

Max's Dream said...

Ah, the choice of colleges. Many people think that there is that one college out there that is just right for you. But in reality, there are many that are just right. The real secret is that it isn't the school that fits you best, it's how you fit the school. Lucas and Liz are right. Find one that feels right and it will be right for you. Don't worry about what opportunities it will offer you because what you make of it is dependent on you. Colleges give you opportunities and you just have to take them on.

You will do great in school and will also have a great time. Look forward and just go. GUD

Brandy said...

Concur, you'll find a college that feels like a good fit. Don't stress too much that it has to be "perfect", nothing is perfect. I think people have the tendency to build up "the college experience" to mythical heights that can only possibly be achieved in movies.