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Monday, August 17, 2009

the last few drops of my summer withering away

well. gotta write fast because im going to work soonish. the college hunt is going much better. i've chilled a bunch. i went and saw Miami University and i actually kinda liked it. i didnt think i would, but i kinda did. my mom said something that kinda changed my entire outlook on things. she said that no matter where i go, i will love it because its mine. i agree with that and also...i feel much better. especially sinse we agreed to go get iced cream after every college visit. hahahahhhaaahahhaha =] lol. perrrrrfect.
so basically.....i went to cincinnati last weekend and im going again this weekend. ive been there so many times in the last month and a half...its crazy. this weekend im going to play Dungions and Dragons with aaron and his friends. im partially thinking the quote from Courage The Cowardly Dog, "the things i do for love....". and yet again, im excited. i read a chicks guide to D&D and it actually sounds fun. i guess it became known for its nerdiness and teenage boy attraction, and so no one actually pays attention to it anymore. but it actually sounds like a fun game. weird, but fun. we'll see. i may be turning into a dweeb before your very eyes. if so, im not mad. im happily a dweeb if it means i get to spend more time with aaron. i cant get enough of that kid.
aside from that, nothing else has been going on. elyse is constantly busy now that shes home from michigan so its like shes not even home. surprise surprise. that was sarcasm. im not surprised. i kind of expected this. although im not upset either because i became so used to hanging out with aaron all summer, now hanging out with her is kinda weird. i fell head first into nerdy stuff and boy talk and now i dont know what to talk about with her. im sure it'll fix itself in a few weeks but for now its just odd. but fair is next week! i dont know why i used an exclamation mark.....i havent been excited for fair sinse i was a little snipper. now i mostly bad about eating...then rush through the animal barns with my nose plugged. then...go home i guess. the games are a waste of money and the rides scare the crud out of me because im paranoid. and the music is just awful. well, ok. except for the time that Meatloaf came and played at our fair. that was pretty sweet. my dad took me and it was so fun....i love meatloaf lol.
well. im off to get ready for work.
Tip Of The Week: if you can, you should check out a show on Comedy Central called Tosh.O
it starrs a comedian named Danial Tosh, whom i think is hilarious. its kinda raunchy, but mostly just really funny stuff about dumb tapes he finds on the internet. i am addicted.


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Liz said...

I can't wait to see you when you come down for DnD! Your mom is right about school.