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Thursday, September 17, 2009

well here we go. a few weeks into the school year already, and so far i am liking it. although i guess i should a senior and i dont do anything lol.
college visits this weekend. leaving early tomorrow morning.....we're going to kent state, akron, and cleveland state. so thats gonna be semi fun. im not really sure if i know anything about any of them except the size and VERY GENERAL location lol. but it'll be good to get out there and visit some schools anyways. we'll see. after that, i'll be home with aaron. next weekend we are going homecoming shopping in columbus, which is cool. im excited i guess. not totally lol. i'd actually enjoy looking presentable this year so i hope i find something nice. i think elyse and aaron and her date and i are all planning on coordinating our outfits with a 70s theme. we'll see how well that works out lol.
and then the weekend after that art thing i have to do in cincinnati. showing my portfolio and stuff somewhere. idk. whatever. sounds fun i guess, but my mom did the whole thing, i dont know anything about it. and that same weekend is homecoming that i have to be home for so i am gonna be BUSY. bleh. not to birthday.....and baileys birthday and halloween coming up.

BUSY. and yet bored. how does this work.

Tip of the Week: a website its pandora radio and you type in a song or artist you like and it finds others similar to it. lol. its so cool.
cheers <3

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