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Thursday, September 24, 2009

say no to capitalization.

hurray for the beginning of a very exciting next month and a half. in the upcoming month and a half, i have homecoming, columbus shopping, my birthday, senior pictures, baileys birthday, elyses brothers birthday (which totally isnt as obscure as it sounds.), two of my very close friends weddings, halloween, and possibly the RenFest. depends on how well i can manage my schedule, i suppose. and then the month after that is aaron and my's year and a half, which isnt that important, but come on....a year and a half. sheesh. =] and also aarons 22 birthday. i cant believe hes so old. its amazing....geeze. i feel so young. and yet i dont, because i am turning the very grand 18. Grand? ha. great...woopie. now i can smoke and vote. sooooo exciting. oh and i can serve i have no real reason to object my dads friends pleading looks when they ask me to run and get them a beer. hahaha. just kidding.

basically right now im just trying not to pull EVERY hair out of my head. too many colleges, too little time. and the tea and sweats only cure temporary stress, ive got a whole other year of it left. and also....just as a happy plus....i think i have a cold. super. oh well, i guess. stuff happens.

well this weekend, aaron and elyse and i are driving to columbus to go dress and stuff shopping for homecoming. it should be pretty fun. elyses date to homecoming lives there and we figured it'd be fun to go visit him. hes real nice. cute, too =]. so we'll see how this all goes. im actually excited for dress shopping, although i havent the slightest idea what i'd like to wear. we all talked about a 70's theme. or 60's. either way....we just wanted to wear those cute pencil skirt housewife dresses haha. they are so great and we know of a few shops that have them there. so maybe we'll find some stuff. i sure hope. otherwise we have about another week left before we are totally....totally screwed. no pressure though haha. whatever. it'll be fun even if we dont get sweet four crazy kids throwing our shenanigans all over town....what will we do next!!! ha. see the funny thing about that is that elyse and my's definition of "Partying" is putting on sweat pants and watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days while journalling. real wild stuff. thats ok.

well. have fun doing whatever your doing. right now i am just desperate to get back to my T-Vo. woot.
cheers. <3


Liz said...

Good luck dress shopping. I know no matter what you find you will look beautiful.

Max's Dream said...

october is a grand month so brace yourself for the roller coaster ride. dont sweat the college thing. you cant make a bad choice as long as it fits your needs. i do know that max still has her prom dress from 1967, at least i think she does. her mom made it. we were quite the couple. but have fun shopping and dont sweat october. it is the best of months.

Lucas said...

Cute pic Shelbaroo! Sounds like an exciting month ahead! Can't wait to see what you end up wearing to the dance. You always get the funnest stuff, but my fave is still the big blue dress I got to try on. Ha! :)