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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


ahhhh...a new month. its vitalizing and yet so sad. although busy. october is by far my favorite month. so nice.

well i got my senior pictures. my dearest uncle took them and i love them. heres one!
<----------its real serious, but i like it. sometimes smiling is overrated in pictures. ==]<-- alien smiley! lol. anyways. lately ive been getting over the birthday fevers. mine, and then baileys. she had her party this past weekend, on halloween, and a guy came.....his name is devin and hes been texting her for months now and supposedly they like each other but they never met but he knew one of her friends and idk. it was an ordeal. whatever. anyways, my mom called his mom and it happened, he came to the party. it was surely strange, but it worked out ok. they like each other still so thats interesting. he must have been intimidated by the billion friends and family over for her birthday. but whatever.
so my birthday....was excellent. tons of family came, and thats always great =] we had so many people here, i didnt know who i wanted to talk to lol. i kept running back and forth from everyone. luckily michael and liz were there to keep aaron occupied so i didnt have to drag him around everywhere on the escapades. but i cant even believe im eighteen now. it seems so strange. i cant believe im there already...i feel no different. though, i guess i am. i must be, i mean. whatever. all i want to do is paint and watch movies. what do i know. anyways, i had a great birthday and i just....dont know what to do now. haha.
school year is going fast...its already one fourth of the way over and its incredible that i wont have high school every again in not more than a few months from now. its just crazy. i dont know whether thats exciting or terrifying, but its definitely one of the two....
well, ive got an episode of FlashForward waiting for me. if you dont know what that is, i suggest you check it out. its crazy interesting. anyways. i love you all and i will probably see a bunch of you this weekend in cinci! =]


Maxanna said...

Your pictures are absolutely stunning. We look at them- and then look at them again.
You are amazing beautiful!
And we loved sharing your birthday. I always feel so lucky, so very lucky to be a GREAT AUNT! A GREAT AUNT to such a beautiful young woman.
Can't wait to see you again, and again, and again.
Love you!
Aunt Max

Liz said...

We had such a great time seeing you! Plus, Mike and I love you so much! We'll see you Sunday morning

Max's Dream said...

The pictures were easy. They just recorded what was there. I must say you do look beautiful in them.

Brandy said...

Great pics! Good luck picking collages.