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Monday, June 28, 2010

new laptop

This BlogPost Brought To You By:
Shelby's New LapTop!!!!

i am so excited! i even set it up all by myself, aaron wasn't even here or talking me through it. i really like it, honestly. and its white and black, but the white has this little design on it that you can't see in the picture. but it makes the whole thing look like plastic from the 70's. lol. i love it. and the screen is huge. i didn't expect it to be this big but i really like it.
so yeah =] i am really excited.

this weekend has been really great. have you ever had an awesome day or experience or something and then afterwards you kind of feel like "what do i do now?" because it was so great. i feel that way all the time. i felt that way every time aaron left after a weekend with me to go back to school. i feel that way after prom and football season. i felt that way after hockey games with elyse and vas and after graduation parties started to fizzle out. it kind of makes me think of fireworks, you know? how they are so beautiful and astounding for a few moments and then they fizzle out. and against the light of the other fireworks taking their turn in the spotlight, you can see the spider-like skeleton of something that was once beautiful. and it almost looks at you like "it was fun while it lasted". that fast-fading smile of the second-best. its sad, really. that feeling. i guess i've learned to look at it and think about how i will soon be starting a new era. a new event, a new chapter and it will be great. and then when its over, i will look at it and i will be sad that its over. but then i will start another. life is just a big art class. you just keep starting new projects after the old one is finished. i guess thats why i never stay bored for long. its something i can appreciate. i love a good project.
      anyways, today is a good day. i have my laptop. and thats good. =]

Things That Are Precious:
1. How all guys think they know all the words to the song American Pie.
2. How even if Aaron knows all the words to a song, he ALWAYS messes up the words and mumbles.
3. When Nate pretends to be mad at me and makes puppy eyes.
4. A really cute cupcake.
5. When Aaron falls asleep on the couch.


1 comment:

Don said...

I do think you are beginning to get it. Life is one big fireworks display after another. Some are wonderful, some may be a few pop bottle rockets, andsome are duds, but they all count and there is always another one out there somewhere.