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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lets pretend.

lets pretend for like one second that i had everything together and knew what i was doing. wouldn't that be great? i might not be scrambling to finish my housing. i might actually know when orientation is. i might not be ignoring the fact that i need to take my math placement test.

sigh. interesting to imagine, isn't it?

well whatever. i suppose its my natural way of things. lazy and uninformed. lol. but my housing is officially finished and thats about it. im starting to get a little more excited so i guess that makes me a little more motivated. i've started making lists, so if you have ANY suggestions of college/dorm room necessities....let me know.  i need all the help i can get, honestly. i'm the first in my family to go to college so i don't have siblings to help me out. and aaron is a boy. so he can only do so much haha. 
but hey. i can handle it. i'm gonna punch college in the face. i have this picture to prove it lol.
well yeah. anyways, i wrote my first letter to elyse yesterday. i mailed it this morning. the summer has truly begun. it's exciting. it will be more exciting this next weekend when stuff actually starts happening. for now, aaron and i are scrambling for things to do every night. it's a bore. and now it's made even worse  because last night aaron realized that
Tragedy Struck
and we were out of Desperate Housewives. we watched the last of it yesterday and we didn't even notice. ugh. so when we wanted to watch some last night, IT WAS GONE. ugh. so horrible. he's not that angry about it, i'm sure. haha. but i mean...he DID get Desperate Housewives Syndrome. its where you make fun of it and say its a stupid show and then you watch some of it and you are like WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!?!?!!? and everyone gets it. its a totally addicting show. i never thought i would like it. but hey. i turned over a new leaf. and its a dramatic, housewifey leaf. its a good leaf.
well i have to begin getting ready for work. oh you annoy me so.


Lucas said...

Well, I'm pretty sure your mom and your dad both went to college so technically......not the first in your family.....but definitely the first of your siblings to go! :) It's been a while now since I lived that lovely dorm life but my suggestions would be to put your name on everything you already have and save the new purchases for AFTER you get down there. There's no need for a George Foreman grill if your roomate and everyone on your hall already has one.......nowhaIsayin'?

And running out of housewives WOULD be a tragedy if I actually watched that show....which I don't ....anymore. :)

Love you Shelbaroo!!!!

FMC-Girls said...

hey, it's your BFF. and did you totally POOP when you saw the end of season 5?!?!?!

Maxanna said...

Well- I can't seem to remember much about what "we" packed with Amber went she went to college- aging memory I guess! And then Brandy went to the Air Force Academy- and they can't take anything! Maybe there is a list "on line" to help. And Lucas is right- Don't want "duplicate" stuff- the room is too small for that! But the laptop is nice- real nice. And your room will need a microwave- and a TV- and you'll need a tote for "toiletries" since you can't leave anything in the bathroom- And LABEL EVERYTHING!

FMC-Girls said...

Nice picture. I know how you feel about the desperate housepoops. We looked for literally an hour online for the next episode to see who the hell mike married although I accidentally read info and now the surprise is RUINED! But whatever.