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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the tedious happenings of a tuesday afternoon.

well. today was a good day. my poor baby had a headache all evening =[. but otherwise it was swell. our parents finally got together to go out to eat. we have been dating for over two years now and they only just met at my graduation party. its not SO astounding, though. where would they see each other? not to mention, his parents are really homebodies. and with his dads battle with cancer, it just makes it even worse. its understandable that they wouldn't go out a lot. but it was becoming strange that they didn't really know each other. so they set up a date and thats where we got tonight. i think they enjoyed it. his mom said she really did. aaron and i went up to Lukes (restaurant/bar uptown) to poke our heads in and see how everything was going. it seemed like they conversation was going fine. i knew they would like each other once they had the chance to hang out. in fact, aaron and i mostly stole fries and watched while they talked. we were bored. lol. so we left. but they were chatty, and thats whats important.
          tomorrow is darbys 10th birthday. i feel like she has been 9 for like four years now. i dont even remember when she was like 6. lucas kind of came in and stole her thunder. but, i mean, it happened to all of us. so whatever. i just spent the past hour or so decorating the dining room and wrapping presents because mom has to teach in the morning or something. it was kinda fun. and now i am in my room crocheting a hat. its tedious but i like it. plus im so bored with just going to sleep lol. i feel like my evenings are getting shorter and shorter. which isnt true. i guess technically, if anything, they are getting longer because of it being lighter out now in summer and all. but the time still passes quickly. its been a long time since a day has felt like a day.

Things That Are Not So Pleasant.
1. i feel like i've barely gotten any letters from elyse.
2. aaron starts his new job tomorrow. which is good. but it means hes not as on-call as normal.
3. i have to work tomorrow. i like my job but im disinterested right now.
4. aarons mean best friend joel is coming and staying with him this weekend. =[
5. its a really weird temperature in my room so without my blanket, its cold, but with it, its hot. lol

anyways. its time for me to continue crocheting.


Lucas said...

Great picture of you Shelbs. And I'm glad your folks met his folks. That's kindof a big deal. :) Love you!


P.S.S. I get to see you in just under a month! YAY!

FMC-Girls said...

i have been writing you :/ -e

Anonymous said...

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