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Friday, July 2, 2010

a good day.

well. first of all, i happen to feel really pretty right now for no reason. its insanely great. i just feel pretty. i love that my computer has a webcam to take pictures on it lol
anyways. today was okay. i am currently doing what i have been doing all day. watching instant netflix movies and shows and eating. right now, my prey is a tv drama and a box of Turtle Chexmix. =]
also. i have huge news.
i just squished a gross spider all by myself. i figured since aaron is out with his friends and elyse is in michigan, its time to grow up and do it myself. granted, it was the size of a penny. but it was still gross and a huge milestone. yay for me!
       tomorrow is one of our friends weddings and aarons best friend will be there. he is the one who doesnt like me. aaron spent about forty minutes viciously arguing with him two days ago about why he doesnt like me and they came to the conclusion that he would give me another try. i honestly think he just got the wrong impression of me. i mean, we havent spent much time together. maybe he just got me wrong. i hope he did. anyways, he said we could sit together at the wedding (since everyone we know who will be there is either sitting with the family or IN the wedding) and we might need to talk. so i am nervous and excited at the same time. i hope it goes well.
anyways, pray for me. i need it =[


FMC-Girls said...

i'm so proud of you! (: miss you. xoxo, e

FMC-Girls said...

which part? e

Lucas said...

YAY for conquering spider fears! :) You are a BIG GIRL now!

Lucas said...

Oh, one more thing:


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