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Thursday, July 8, 2010

for cripes sake.

what does it take for a girl to get some naps around here?! sheesh.

anyways. i am currently watching Tosh.0 and relaxing. its raining really hard. like really hard. i like it though. i feel good right now. i want to take a nap and then go sit in the hammock and read. that sounds neat. 
but its raining. 
tonight i am going out to dinner and possibly a movie with my mom. i am kind of nervous about it because i dont spend very much time alone with my parents. idk. but dad is gone on his canoe trip and bailey is at miracle camp. so we are leaving the kids with grama and going out. it gives aaron a day to spend with his brother nate. so thats nice. i love spending so much time in the summer with aaron, but we should probably take a day or two off every now and them. thats probably healthy. lol. =] 
but honestly, i dont miss my other friends. i miss elyse. and zach a little bit, but not really other ones. i feel pretty sufficient with aaron and when elyse comes back, with her too. i dont need much to be happy, i guess. 

prayin for grampa. but i hear he is going well. so thats def good. =]



FMC-Girls said...

I'm so glad about your grandpa (: i was nervous... also, those rings are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait until I get the phone call that you're engaged. which, by the way, i expect like, ten seconds after it happens. (: just so's you know. -e

Lucas said...

I love rain too. The other night it stormed so hard in OK the whole house shook.
Gpa Bill is hanging in there. Still having ups and downs for sure so please say some heavy duty prayers. He is working hard to recover but it's tough on his old body.
And someday, when you are grown, you will come to understand on your own what a wonderful person your mom is. Someday she will be both a friend and an ally for you. She'll always be your mom but it's the greatest thing in the world when your mom also becomes your friend and confidant. It's one of the best parts of becoming an adult. :)
I love you.