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Saturday, July 10, 2010

a slightly smaller family unit.

mother is in oklahoma, where she should be.
father is on his canoe trip, where i dont really think he wants to be.
aaron is at a wedding, where i really should be but i have the little ones to look after.
and the rest of us are here at home. we just picked bailey up and now she is officially home from miracle camp. when we picked her up, the kids and i wanted to bring her flowers but we didnt have any and i wasnt about to go buy weird ones, so we scavenged through peoples yards. we were like STEALTH COBRAS. so we got some pretty ones and took them to her. =] she was appalled. lol.
 darby and lucas have been playing computer games all day. we have had so much to do that its actually really nice to just relax at home. but i really miss aaron. i thought this summer would bring so much time with him but we are so busy. but you know how that is i guess.

the plans for tonight: rent Redbox movies, get pizza, and relax. aaron and maybe grama will join us and it will be a decent evening. im excited.

we are all praying for grampa.


FMC-Girls said...

The Redbox movie and pizza thing made me really homesick. :(
Miss you, Shelbs.

Lucas said...

Thx for the prayers Shelbs. Gpa Bill is doing a little better so they are helping! :) We had a good day today and made some small yet positive progress towards getting better.

Glad you are there holding down the fort. It's important for your mom to be here right now. Love you BUNCHES!!!!

FMC-Girls said...

sucio pescado.
love you. e.

Don said...

So glad you are there and taking charge of keeping Bluffton in shape. You were needed and you came through like a champ.