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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

thinking ahead.

so. all this talk of rings has really gotten me excited to have one. he honestly shouldnt have gotten me started on this because  now all i think about is us getting married. i am so excited. i feel like there is no possible way we arent married yet. it is just meant to be. and that means that i am meant to have a ring on my finger right this second. lol. i normally dont get excited about jewelry at all. but this isnt just jewelry. this is a symbol of our love for each other. its a symbol of the fact that i have chosen HIM to spend my life with. that he has chosen ME. its so exciting. so how can i NOT spend some time serfing online ring sites? lol. in the end, he has to pick something for me. he has to find something that he knows i will like. its his responsibility. but we decided to look around together so that he (and honestly, me too. i have no idea. ) can get a feel at what i like and what i will want. so we looked. and i fell in love lol.

honestly, i love this ring. i really do. aaron loves it too. we both really like the

 tri-stone thing. and if you look, the profile is beautiful and not too tall. i hate rings that stick way up out of no where. its so weird. lol. so yeah. i just love it.

this one in the set is not the SAME but its made by the same people and so its exactly the same except for the smaller side stones. i really like this set. aaron is getting a traditional comfort-fit band. i really want to get just a comfort fit , as well. i think it would look very simple and nice on us. us. but at the same time, i really want the traditional diamond girly thing. i like it. it may feel too elegant on my fingers. i have painters hands. and i will probably only get paint on it. its too beautiful for me to ruin, i guess. i dont know. i have to think on it.




FMC-Girls said...

this is getting me so pumped! i can't believe this is life now. (: in the best possible way.

Maxanna said...

I do believe there is a "hopeless romantic" in all of us. And there is something so, so, so romantic about shopping for that ring. I'm glad you're having so much fun!

Lucas said...

We started with just plain comfort bands ourselves. I got the rock at 10 years, but that was just what was right for us. You do what your heart tells you is right. Have a blast and can't wait for the official asking and such. :) Love you!