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Sunday, July 4, 2010

the fourth of july.

today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
do you want to know why? LIST TIME.
1. my wonderful boyfriend and i went Engagement Ring Shopping. well, browsing. i want to be totally surprised when he proposes. sooo...we are looking at rings now, when its way early, so that he doesnt ask me to look at them out of the blue later, giving away the surprise. i found one that i really loved. i am excited for him to pick one out for me alone though. im just nervous about it being expensive. i hate it when he spends a ton of money on me. lol. but i will get used to it SOMEHOW. =] lol. its really fun doing stuff like that with him. but it makes me feel like im too young to be possibly even considering marriage. but we are. and not just considering it, we are excited for it. =] yay.
2. i had a two and a half hour nap with said boyfriend. it was glorious. he was so tired he couldnt even control his snoring. i had to lean over and physically close his mouth so that he would stop making crazy noises. lol. but it felt so good to sleep. we were so tired.
3. fireworks were pretty good. we went to the lima ones, and ACTUALLY...the ones we had at relay for life in my tiny little town were way better than the lima ones. which is strange. but it was fun. i got to see people i havent seen in a while. and some (one) that i didnt want to see at all. why does He have to be everywhere in the world. im so sick of him popping up. he is boring and lame and uninteresting. so why do i still get angry and impatient when he is around? i just want aaron to beat him up or something.
4. i got my AVATAR: The Last Airbender t shirt at hot topic. =] i am so excited. i got a Fire Nation one because Zuko is my favorite. its going to be epic, i can just feel it. =]
5. i got two new (cheap) tank tops from AE.
6. i got a new wireless mouse for my lappy.

and that is all. today was good. aaron and i were fighting about different things all day. i think we were just generally bothering each other. but its okay now, i guess.
and IN CASE you were wondering, i think things went well with aarons best friend. i think he likes me. if he didnt have a massive seizure from all my talking. i have no idea how to not talk when im nervous. or i feel awkward. which i did. it was a really awkward wedding. a lot of weird silences. so i just talked. i was Lady Chatterly. lol. but i made him laugh a few times and i kept the conversation going and i really think we are okay now. he told aaron that since we were starting completely anew, he wasnt going to make any decisions this early on about whether or not he likes me. which is really fair. i appreciate it.

well.. so tired. i may look at some more rings online though =] im so excited.

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Lucas said...

Hey Shelbs. Soungs like a fun day, except for the fighting part. The important thing to remember is not THAT you argue, but HOW you argue. Everyone will disagree from time to time but as long as you make your feelings, wants, needs known without attacking the other person or being petty or immature and as long as you take the time to REALLY LISTEN to what your partner is saying to you, disagreements can actually bring you closer.

Congrats about the ring shopping. That is exciting. :) And I LOVE your new slideshow! Awesome! Love that there are pics of your art in there too. Nice work.

Love you!