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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the stuff.

well. i havent been doing much lately at all. exceeeepppptt....making myself a really obnoxious fuzzy pukey rainbow laptop cover. lol. i love it so much. and its really thick, so its actually a really good laptop cover. anyways, i put some huge buttons on it so that it buttons right up and i can stick it in my bag without worrying about my plethora of pens stabbing and coloring all over it or something. its the best idea ever! an i made it myself. i used up the entire skein of that yarn that my boss gave me and i had no idea what to do with lol. yayyyyy.
     anyways, today is a good day because i got Shutter Island from Netflix and i am so excited to see it. also, we are having a cookout type thing tonight. im excited. and by excited, i mean hungry. im starving. lol. everyone is staying the night out in the tent tonight and i dont know if i want to or not. i HATE sleeping out in a tent. i hate it. so i dont know if i want to. i mean, i wanna hang out and sit around the fire. but i dont know how i feel about sleeping outside in a tent in July. gross. humid and buggy and hot and gross. i mean, it will get cool for maybe 4 hours. but in the morning, i will wake up and it will be 90 degrees with the sun beating down directly on my thick flannel sleeping bag. and im all sweaty and all i want to do is sleep....and THEN i have to take the time to bring everything in to the house and then try to go back to sleep in my bed but by that time, i will be so miserable and gross and wide awake that i will not be able to. i understand camping, but i understand it when you do it in the fall or spring when it isnt hot and you put your tent in the shade so that things like that dont happen. BUT we have no trees in our back yard. none at all. so that stinks. WHICH leads me to my  thought that i probably will not be participating. but whatever.
i am so excited to watch Shutter Island =]


Lucas said...

Little Miss Creative! :) I love it!

And camping is not everybody's bag, baby! I happen to LOVE it but it IS a lot of schlepping and bug swatting but when you do it up right, when you are truly out in nature, surrounded by God and all his creatures and creations, it is AMAZING! I hope someday you see stars that take your breath away Shelbs. Your momma and I got to do that as girls and it's an awe-inspiring sight. Love you.

Maxanna said...

I love your lap top cover! Perfect for college- so colorful! And I did love the camping when I was young- these old bones don't take to it any more- but I'm with you on the heat!

FMC-Girls said...

i'm real scared. i feel like everybody's looking at me like i'm a little girl with a crush. i'm scared he views it differently than i do. -e

Don said...

I'm with you Shelby. I liked camping when we were in the mountains by a stream and it go cold at night, but the bag kept you warm. Hot and humid with bugs may be fine for tomato plants, but I prefer air conditioning and a nice soft bed.

FMC-Girls said...

we'll see... ily. e