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Monday, September 27, 2010

dear mrs. kensington.

i miss you.
for some reason, i miss you. i cant wait to see you. its only a week and a half until i can see you and everyone else. i dont really like being gone because it makes me feel like im not part of the family anymore.

but in other news, today was a lot better than yesterday. i got along quite nicely, in fact. i went to my first day of Intro To Interpersonal Communications. it actually looks like its going to be a lot of fun, so we'll see how it goes. and i actually felt quite good today. i ate everything in the world, surprisingly. and i got Skype. my name is shelbyroo88, in case any of you are interested. its kinda fun. i also got a care package from grama and that made me feel good. and i got a letter from elyse. i will write her back eventually.

i dont have class until eleven tomorrow and that should feel good but it just feels kind of ominous, looming ahead of me. i wish i had night classes only. that would feel better. having a nice long morning to prepare for life. you know. also, i hate going to art classes and feeling unprepared. and im so nervous about college in general for some reason that i just always feel so unprepared. at least, to my drawing class. the rest, there really isnt much to prepare for lol. surface.... there is but i am sure, every day, of what we will be doing that day because we get a project and work on it, you know? we already have a project so i can kind of know what i will need for it and stuff. so whatever. but drawing is always up in the air.

also, i miss aaron. i know i see him every day. but it just doesnt feel like we get a lot of time together. i mean, we are always on the go and always with people. so we dont get to just sit and relax and watch a movie like we used to. maybe we can tomorrow. well. probably not because i have to be up early on wednesday and tomorrow is the first night of my small group. so idk. i hope we have some time together.

BUT....thursday night, i am making dinner for him and joel at his house. which is super exciting because i just feel like impressing joel with my cooking will be a great way to zoom straight into his heart, you know? i hope it works. i am making BBQ chicken and potatoes like mommy and momo make them. its my favorite meal.....with sweet baby rays and yukon gold potatoes? mmmmmmmm. i dont like bbq sauce unless its sweet baby rays. and i dont even like it on many things, but when i like it, i LOVE it. like on those tiny little cocktail weiners. yummmm. lol. so hopefully that goes well. if i get really motivated, maybe i will make them cheesecake for dessert. i DO have my cheesecake pan down here. chocolate cheesecake sounds like it may satisfy two growing boys. i'll think on it. im going to waste away all of my money on cooking. lol. oh well.

food sounds good. its as if my stomach is making up for days of not eating by being STARVED today. i want to eat those swedish fish that mom and dad sent me but i just brushed my teeth. maybe i'll do it anyways. i mean, they are GOING to be eaten eventually. it may as well be now. lol.

i skyped elyse today and it was fun. it was really weird but kinda awesome at the same time. its like...i miss her so i thought that would fix it but it really didnt, even though it was cool. idk. i hope she can come stay with me for a few days when she comes home.

well. poop.



Lucas said...

Sounds like you are settling in a bit, cupcake. And though it feels otherwise, you will ALWAYS be a part of the family. All of you guys, as you grow, your roles will change in the family and change is hard, but you guys will ALWAYS be united. :) Solid, together, family.

Glad you got some mail. There's some more on the way for you! :) Love you Shelbs.

FMC-Girls said...

it didnt really fix anything. but it made me feel a lot better...loveyou