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Sunday, September 26, 2010

its 3am, i must be lonely.

its not. its 9:05. on a sunday night. right now my mood is hopeless.

its not that things arent okay. they are totally fine, but IM not totally fine. i feel sick all the time. allllll the time.. i have headaches every day. and i get sick to my stomach and i just feel awful. and that is so horrible because i want to have fun and go out and do things and go out to eat but im never hungry. i dont eat and i dont feel well and it makes me completely unhappy. and at first, i was thinking it would be because im not in shape. but that was a month ago. and i have been excersizing more than ever and not eating too badly and nothing has changed. if anything, its gotten worse. im afraid its a food allergy or something. maybe i need to be gluten free. idk. mom is making me a doctors appointment. i just want to fix this so i can have fun.

other than that, things are going well. heres some pictures as proof lol.

this is the game last night. it was a lot of fun =] doesnt aaron look so cute with his new hair cut? we went saturday morning and got it done together. even though i felt like poop, i still had fun at the game. i only felt like poop at the beginning though. i started feeling better and almost single handedly ate the worlds largest thing of nachos. lol. =]

then afterwards, we went to the Delta Chi house and watched Underworld 2. i love that movie =] as well as Underworld 1. lol. but yeah, it was fun. i dont know how those boys live in that house though because it is literally party 24/7. they had beer pong in the basement as art, clara, aaron, kevin, and i were trying to watch Underworld in our pajamas together in the living room. it was insane and loud. i would kill them all. lol. but im starting to feel so comfortable at the house. i love being there, its like im home. for some odd reason.

BUT guess who was a total asshole to me again? yeah, ken. hes the biggest douchbag. i just want aaron to kick his butt. joel and aaron and phil agree. i mean, aarons the only one who has SAID he agrees lol. but phil seemed annoyed with ken. and joel was very understanding as i was bitching about ken. he seemed to know what i was talking about. so im counting them as on my team. i think ken should have to go live in the garden shed if he is going to seriously insist on being alive. seriously.

whatever. i need to chill. lol. well i have class at 8 in the morning, so i should go to bed in about ten minutes. goodnight everyone. you could leave me a comment if you want. or write me a letter. its so depressing to not have mail. lol.



FMC-Girls said...

you could write me back if you want lol. i love you. i'm glad you are having fun but i'm sorry things suck. college is a huger transition than i thought it would be. i love you.

Aaron said...

I love you
Things will get better, they always do baby.

But outside it's stopped raining.

Lucas said...

I hope you feel better Shelbs! I'm glad your mom is setting you up with a doctor appointment.

As for getting mail.....that might be changing soon.....