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Monday, September 13, 2010

lemon-aid and other stuffs. =]

he makes me feel so
taken care of

he makes me feel like he will take care of me for the rest of my life and i will never have to be afraid or stressed or heartbroken again because he will take the pain and the struggle FOR me because he loves me and never wants anything bad to happen to or around me. hes just so amazing.

and we fight
and shout
and struggle

but in the end, we are kissing and telling each other it was stupid and we will work on becoming better partners for each other. we discuss and immediately begin perfecting whatever was wrong. its a long process and it will never end and i HOPE it doesnt because if it did, it would mean we werent supposed to be together forever. i want to keep working on this relationship.

i want to be the 1 in 10 marriages that gets close to being that ONE human being...that ONE soul...that god meant marriage to be. i dont want to be two people anymore. i want us to be holding hands forever. emotionally and physically. spiritually. god gave him to me and i thank him every day for that blessing. he saves me.

i feel good tonight. so good that i am going to go off to sleep.
i have lots to do tomorrow. i have a date with darby and a date with mom.
then the next day is my last day....i have to finish packing and then go say goodbye to people. its weird. but i think im okay now. aaron helped. he does that. =]

for now...sleep. it helps too.


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FMC-Girls said...

this post is perfect.

i love you (: