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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

needing a break.

tooooo much going on.
im supposed to be altering baileys homecoming dress. but unfortunately, im also supposed to be icing cupcakes with lucas, saying goodbye to kallen, hanging out with zach, finishing packing, going on a date with dad, and making a bracelet for jared.

theres just entirely too much to do. and even though i started bright and early this morning, there seems to be no time at all. the kids will be home from school soon and thats when the fiasco starts. and i wish i had another day, but yet i really dont because i want to be there now. i want to be moving in and arranging my things and unpacking because it drives me crazy that everything is in tubs. and i have like 9 tubs. thats inhuman. i am bringing too much, i can feel it. my roommates are going to be packed in like sardines.

i wish i had aaron or elyse to help me. but unfortunately, one is thousands of miles away and the other works 76% of the day, then has his own packing to worry about. its just so stupid. but i had a dream last night that clara and i were going to a football game together with war paint on our faces, then afterwards we were at a party at the frat house and i brought football shaped cookies that we made together. we are going to be the house mommies, i can just tell. but its going to be great. i cant wait to hang out with her more and be a part of everything. im bringing my football cookie cutters.

one thing i am very excited for, though, is all of my art supplies. we ordered it all online and its going to arrive like....friday or saturday at my dorm. im excited for that. i got a bunch of aarons moms old art supplies too because she doesnt use it anymore. that was really nice.

i hope i get everything done on time. we have to leave at like 6am tomorrow. yuck.



Lucas said...

Oh Shelbs, what an exciting time in your life. I'm just so thrilled for you and please remember I'm here if you ever need anything! Also, I send GREAT care packages so if you send me your address, you might just get some mail. I love you OODLES! Best of luck as your college career begins!

Maxanna said...

This is all so exciting! I can't wait to follow your adventure in college!