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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

last minute jitters...

well its currently.....around 1am. and i am leaving in six hours. i should REALLY be in bed because i CAN sleep in the car on the way there but we have orientation at 9 am. so i dont think a few hours in the car will be too beneficial to the whole day of activity. of course, when it is over, i plan on collapsing at Don+Max's and then i will feel better after a nice family meal. and i bet i will feel a lot more at home, too. going to college would be crazy scary if i didn't have aaron with me. no matter how comfortable i feel in cincinnati, it just would be so nerve wracking to go there all alone and have to make all my friends from scratch. now i have even less of a clue for why elyse went so far away. its so unappealing. but luckily, i have aaron and all his friends. and if i have someone backing me up, i can run miles. it will be good.

its so weird to think that in just a few days, i will be there and alone. no one will be borrowing my clothes or eating my snacks or stealing my mascara. those are the things im looking forward to. unfortunately, that means i cant borrow other peoples clothes or eat anyone elses snacks or steal anyone elses mascara. lol. but thats okay. i will be home so often that i think i will be okay with everything. its not like i wont see them a ton. and i think i will really appreciate my time with them more if i dont see them every day. 

well i need to sleep. but i keep bothering myself about things i forgot or whatever. that is so poop. lol. my room looks really weird right now. its so white and blank in a bunch of spots. i really dont like it. it doesnt feel like my room anymore without all my stuff in it. i thought maybe this whole moving out thing was gonna feel really temporary but its becoming kinda serious looking. i dont like that. maybe. idk. we'll see. 

but im still excited. aaron got us tickets to see the Cincinnati Vs. Oklahoma football game next friday! and he said his friends were thinking about having a hog roast afterwards. i brought my football shaped cookie cutters. lol. i know that makes me sound like a total doof, but i dont care. im going to contribute however i can lol. 

oh! apparently a seamstress now. im making baileys homecoming dress look pretty. its pretty as it is, its a gray dress with lots of lace and ruffles, very cute. but im adding red Tulle around the top and bottom of it so that it matches her red converse to go with it. so far it looks good. i was skeptical about my abilities but apparently, they are quite upstanding. so thats good. i like to please. 

well im going to the only bit of pajamas i have left in this house lol. its a long sleeved red old lady nighty. its hilarious. elyse and i got it at a thrift store in Tennessee and i LOVE it lol. 

oh yeah, i look like an inmate. you know you LOOOOOOOOVE  it. lol. but thats okay because it keeps me warm

HOW do you feel about my perm by the way? i like it =]



FMC-Girls said...

you look beautiful. shelby you're going to be absolutely great. i can't wait to hear all about it. i love you more than anything in the world, and i know you're gonna have sooooo much fun.

(: you have this glow about you that is irresistable to the world. please don't forget that.

Lucas said...

Shelbs, This is a HUGE transition and it's perfectly ok to feel scared, tentative, nervous, whatever. And you don't have to figure it all out at once. Things will settle into place bit by bit and pretty soon, your life will seem familiar again, comfortable too. You have such a wonderful adventure in front of you and all those people you don't know yet? They are all opportunities to learn and grow. Soak them in. Keep the ones who intrest you. Lose the ones that bore you, but be open to them all in the beginning. You never know what gifts they possess until you get to know them.

And I LOVE your perm, curly girl! And I love you too! SO MUCH! Don't forget to send me your address.