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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i feel good today

but i still kinda feel like im forgetting something. and im not really sure what it is. but ive had a good day. and i feel okay and i got a package in the mail today with aarons present in it and i gave it to him and he liked it, so that made me happy.

i watched the movie New Years Day recently. the one from 2000, not the one from 1989. it kinda changed me. movies often do that. i also started watching Dexter. i like that a lot.

i like this picture too lolololol

well.. now i think im going to go to the boys room and party with them because they are listening to Come On Eileen. lol.



Anonymous said...

Gross picture, but the one on the left with the blonde hair is Sailor Moon.
Also, dont forget to get the envelope off the package I sent with the boots.
Love you!

Lucas said...

Don't look now but that's Velma getting her hair braided! But the knowledge that Velma is gay comes as NO surprise at all!!!