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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

everything is finally over.

so last night was my very first art show ever.
well thats not entirely true.
i had a lot of ones that i made it into in high school. but for some reason, those just dont matter that much to me right now. i feel like my first college art show is all that matters.
even though i seem to be making significantly less interesting things now that im in college. i miss my high school art class, honestly.
but whatever. it was a ton of fun and im so glad it happened and me and my girls rocked it =]
kayla and i
okay so i know i look like a giant pile of fat but thats okay lol. the dress turned out well enough and it looks a lot better than in the picture.

im so glad to be finished with school for TWO WEEKS. this week, i get to lay around,
find an apartment
play age of empires
hang out with my friends
and go to a wicked St. Patricks Day party.

then this weekend, i get to hang out with my family AND BAILEY =]=]=]=]
and see Amy =]
and possibly go to a Vanderbelt game.
its going to be amazing.
and then next week i will come homie home home. =]

im excited. i can see zach and sam and relax and it will be great.
oh, and i have two baby blankets to make. one for chelsey and one for amy. so that will be good. =]

ahhhh i love having things to be excited for.



lil sis said...

I LOVE the dress! Hard work paid off! I am so proud of you and excited to have you home next week! :)
Love you,

Lucas said...

I think you look SMASHING DAHLING!!!!