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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm feelin' rough
I'm feelin' raw
I'm in the prime of my life

right now im cool. maybe i wont be forever but for now, 
everything is fine.
now i think
i may have the guts to be who i want to be. 
im not responsible to her.
thats what i just realized.
shes not elyse, 
shes not my best friend. 
im not expected to tell her everything and be with her all the time.
thats kind of a freeing feeling. 



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lil sis said...

You know sweets, it really breaks my heart to see how much this whole thing with Elyse hurt you. I ma so sorry you have to go though ll this and feel this way. I am really glad you have Aaron there with you to help you through. I have decided that I am going to pray for you every day, that God will bring into your life a special friend, a soulmate, a perfect match for you. You need that and you deserve that. God can do it and she will be worth the wait. She will make your life a better place, and challenge you to be a better person. You will love her and hate her but always be glad she is there.
I love you.