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Friday, March 25, 2011

im so tired of titles.

i have wonderful news!
i was worried about the icing for my banana cupcakes, it didnt look so hot at first. i mean, it tasted okay. it was just not the consistency i wanted.
once i let it set in the fridge, it turned out beautifully. it was thick and creamy like spreadable butter. i wanted it to be more of a spread than icing in consistency since it was predominantly peanut butter and cream cheese. but i piped it on like normal icing and it set beautifully and it is EXACTLY how i wanted it to be.
i told bailey it wasnt that good because she gave up junk food for lent
but oh. my. gosh.
ive eaten like 4 lol.

i could even make this into a dense little layered cake. and btw...i mean dense in the best way. its soooo moist and rich in flavor with a really nice texture to it. its perfect. i could rave all day about this recipe. and it wasnt very hard at all. actually, i only had to get 2 things at the store, thats how easy the ingredients were. the only reason i had to get those two things was because SOMEONE IN THIS HOUSE ate my bananas for lunch before i could get a chance to make the cupcakes hahaahah (and we were out of sour cream (adds moistness to the cake, you cant taste it)).

so yeah. this may seem lame but im really excited about this. i LOVE finding a recipe i can be really happy with. and this is something that i know will be an easy recipe for when im pressed for time or whatever.

=] i love this kind of stuff.
sometimes i wish i would just quit art and go to cooking school. or baking. whichever.



lil sis said...

NO QUITTING! Just learn more art that you can use to embellish your beautiful confections!
Someone who earns all A's and makes the Deans list needs to continue on.
I love you! And the cuppy cakes were DELICIOUS!!!

Lucas said...

Wow. Bailey gave up a LOT for lent. I've missed her on FB! :)

And those cup cakes have me droooooooooling!!! YUMMERS!