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Monday, April 4, 2011

oooooooh yeeeeaaaauauuuuh.

today is
no, seriously. its the best day ever.
today is...

The day my little baby cousin Quincy Blake was born. hes 7lbs 2 oz and healthy as an ox.
he looks like a little alien in this picture but TRUST ME he will be beautiful like the rest of us. Amy and Mel are in Texas right now at the hospital with the birth mother getting everything figured out but pretty soon he will be OURRRRRRRS.
i am so excited. i just cant wait for the little guy to be officially part of the family, you know? its just so great.

plus you know, it'll be fun havin a black bebe around. lol.

anyways, so im super stoked for that. also last night was just really fun. and today is just great.
the weather was beautiful yesterday and its beautiful today and its springtime and im lovin it. =]

so yeah.



Lucas said...

Shelby, you are funny and you just made me giggle. I'm really excited for Amy and Mel and I can't wait to meet the gorgeous little guy!

Anonymous said...

thanks Shelb....he's a cutie.....aim