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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


its so weird how in movies and stuff, Spring Break looks like this:

but in reality, it looks like this:

i have been playing zelda nonstop. i seriously think i might die from N64 poisoning. lol.
BUT on the plus side, i am going to making Banana cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting either tonight or tomorrow during the day. so theres that.
which isn't helping my diet. but oh well. when i get back to cinci, aaron and i are going to start working out since he wont be busy anymore. he will only work 3 days a week. =] so thats awesome.

well. i gotta fix a pair of Nates pants and then i think im going to journal a little bit. i havent really journalled in a few weeks, honestly. and i dont like it. i just need a way to revive my journal. i feel like i need something new and exciting to make me want to again. this one is so blah. and honestly, since im not giving it to elyse anymore, i dont have a partner in doing it so its harder to really get that motivation when im not in the mood to do it. or too busy or whatever.


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Lucas said...

I'm not sure how you journal, but a new book might be just the ticket! Cool design on the cover and all those lovely blank pages just waiting for you to pour yourself onto them. Just a thought.

And naner cupcakes with pb frosting??? YES PLEASE!!!!!