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Monday, March 21, 2011


i just realized that 6 girls have gotten pregnant from my class that i know of since the beginning of my senior year. thats a lot. its weird.
im making three baby blankets in the next few months.
one is for amy, though.
oh btw...the adoption went through. =] he will be named Quincey Blake. =] im excited.
i love babies.
this is the original picture taken at the highlighter party
this is my portrait for drawing class. 

i will really miss that teacher. btw this is done in pastel. 
so yeah. but now im home in bluffton and i couldnt be more happy. another week off? why yes, thanks. i saw Sam tonight and im very pleased with that. i really missed him and talking to him and making fun of tv shows with him. we watched The Roast Of Donald Trump and "the situation" from jersey shore was on it and he SUCKS at comedy. seriously. he was awful. people booed and there was silence. people felt sorry for him. wow. i had to leave the room lol. 

anyways.. today was good. i will miss aaron for these next few days because i see him literally every day in cinci. but i can take it i guess. 


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