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Sunday, April 10, 2011

i just dont know what to do with myself.

Dear White Stripes,
you said it.
<3 me.

yeah. so right now im pretty much about to submerge my head in the dirt and declare it ostrich territory. im getting pretty tired of everything going on around me. im sick of missy. i hate my classes. im considering switching schools to the Art Institute, which has multiple locations. im considering pastry. i hate everything though so god only knows if i will do well.

this fine arts thing just isnt working out. this program is so geared towards gallery artists and i want no part in that world. its ugly.

i make art because i love to and i really dont think i need to go to school for it. i can just experiment and have fun doing what i do. but i think i would like to learn more about baking. all i ever do is watch the food channel anyways. i want to understand food.

so whatever.



Lucas said...

It's all part of finding yourself, Shelbs. This is EXACTLY what college is for and this is EXACTLY what this age is for. It might feel hard or icky or whatever, but it's exactly right. YOU are exactly right, just as you are, as an explorer, as an evolving butterfly. Hugs to you.

lil sis said...

We will figure it out, and you will be great at it.
I love you. Trust.